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Inactive Customer Manager

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Inactive Customer Manager
NameCompatibilityVersionSizeLast Updated
Auto Delete Inactive Customers [23xx - 3xxx]2.3.x.x - 3.x.x.x2.0.015.94KB03/09/2023Download 
Auto Delete Inactive Customers [4xxx]4.x.x.x2.0.010.03KB05/09/2023Download 

This module allows you to automatically delete inactive customers from your OpenCart store. An inactive customer is a customer whose account status is set to "Disabled". The module will delete any inactive customer whose status has been disabled for more than the specified number of days. You can also choose whether or not to delete inactive customers who have placed an order in the past.


  • Automatically deletes inactive customers
  • Configurable threshold for the number of days before an inactive customer is deleted
  • Option to delete inactive customers who have placed an order
  • Triggered by cron job


Once the module is installed and configured, it will automatically delete inactive customers on a regular basis. You can view a list of the deleted customers in the admin panel.


  • This module can help you to keep your customer database clean and organized.
  • It can also help you to improve your store's performance by reducing the amount of data that needs to be processed.
  • By deleting inactive customers, you can also prevent them from receiving marketing emails or other communications from your store.

VERSION : 2.0.0DATE RELEASED: 03 Sep 2023
  1. NEW FEATURE: Enable/Disable Deletion Status from Admin
  2. NEW FEATURE: Introduced Inactive Customer Selections for active customer based on activities / order history
  3. NEW FEATURE: Update status to "Disabled" for Inactive customers
  4. NEW FEATURE: Inactive threshold days
  5. NEW FEATURE: Inactive Customer Report Generation from Admin (including total order count and total orders placed)
  6. NEW FEATURE: Delete Inactive Customers from the extension admin panel
  7. NEW FEATURE: Export Inactive Customer Report in CSV format
  8. NEW FEATURE: Bulk Enable / Disable selected customer

VERSION : 1.0.0DATE RELEASED: 19 Aug 2023
  • First Release

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