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OpenCart SMS
NameOC CompatibilityVersionSizeLast Updated
OpenCart SMS [23xx-3xxx]2.3.x.x - 3.x.x.x2.0.651.69KB06/08/2022

This extension provides you a system that enables you to send SMS update to your customer. This extension can also send Promotional or BULK SMS to your customers


  1. Order Status SMS
  2. Order Confirmation SMS
  3. Customer Account SMS
  4. Affiliate Account SMS
  5. BULK SMS to SMS Subscribers
  6. BULK SMS to customer based on product purchase
  7. BULK SMS to all customers
  8. BULK SMS to all affiliates
  9. BULK SMS to all customers in a particular customer Group
  10. SMS to individual customer
  11. SMS to individual affiliate
  12. SMS logs
  13. Shortcode for template
  14. Designed to fit any SMS Gateway API 



VERSION : 2.0.6DATE RELEASED: 26 Oct 2021

Fixed issue with customer_group_id

VERSION : 2.0.4DATE RELEASED: 23 Jan 2021

VERSION : 2.0.3DATE RELEASED: 05 Jan 2021

VERSION : 2.0.1DATE RELEASED: 08 May 2020
  • Fixed a bug related to opencart 3.x.x.x and affiliate system



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